Web Designer Management

Our web design company has some of the best employees in the industry. There are a few things that people don’t realize about kinds of people who design websites. It wasn’t until I tried to create a traditional setting for my team of people that I realized I was doing something wrong. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your staff whether they are web designers or customer support or CEOs.

First, I quit setting time for people to work. While I needed everyone to work for 40 hours a week, I allowed them to choose their own timeframe. I know I function better when I can get a few errands done in the morning, so I generally work four days a week in web design, for ten hours at a time. I start at 10 am and wrap up my day around 9 pm. Even though the hours can seem long to some people, I like that I can easily adjust my schedule with this method.

It also helps employees at my SEO company to manage their obligations more efficiently. If someone has their son’s basketball game to go on a Friday afternoon, I don’t want them to think they need to sneak out of the office to make it happen. I want people to be able to choose their hours at the web design company because it gives them flexibility and freedom. And they won’t do a bad job because they just don’t get put out their best work on Monday mornings. Coming in at noon on Monday is fine, as long you stay a little, later on, a different day.

I make sure that there is plenty of healthy food stocked in the fridge for the web designers that work for me. I also have someone come around and offer massages, and there is plenty of workout equipment in the break room for those that find exercise helps improve their creative abilities. I want people to be able to focus on the web design tasks, and getting your heart rate up is perfect for this.

Currently, I’m working on incorporating a daycare service for employees that have kids. You never know when school is going to be called out, or someone’s babysitter doesn’t show. Having an affordable way for kids to be brought to work will cut down on family stress and make the commute to work much more pleasant. Plus, since employees create their own work schedule, they can work around the needs of their children.


The best part is, since all of my employees have so much freedom, I’ve never seen a web design project come in late. While I want people to work when they desire, I also make sure we meet every deadline. Honestly, most people get their work done early, so I haven’t had to worry about late work. Plus, my turnover is so low that I don’t have many expenses when it comes to training new people.