Shinobi Ninja Goes All NES With New Album

I am a fan of Shinobi Ninja. From both a music and marketing side. They get the industry they are in and they are doing it pretty damn good.

With their new EP, the aptly titled “The Video Game EP” they themed the shit out of their marketing. On their homepage, they currently have 3 packages available (run off the TopSpin platform) to get involved with the new new.

Shinobi Ninja The Video Game EP

The first is a digital copy for $3.99. It includes the 5 tracks in 320kbs MP3′s.

Next is the Deluxe Package which has the immediate digital download, the Shinobi Ninha attacks iPhone app, the Limited Edition Nintendo Cartridge CD and a Special Shinobi Ninja Care Package. All for $9.99. That’s some value!

The last package is the Digital Deluxe which includes the iPhone app and the digital download of the Video Game EP.

The Video Game Cartridge CD

This thing is the shit. Personally I think it tops the Freeway/Jake One packaging from the Stimulus Package released earlier this year. For video game heads, it a friggin NES cartridge. Check out the pic below.

I am working with the guys to talk about how this came about and how they got them made, so look out for that.

Shinobi Ninja Joining GYRS?

Well, kinda. Shinobi’s drummer, Dave Machinist  and I have been emailing back for a few weeks now and it looks like we’ll be getting some insight from him on the indie lifestyle, marketing in the new music economy and getting some inside info on their creative process. We hope to have him on board in the next week or 2.

Big shout out to Shinobi Ninja, who is busy doing the things we teach, and enjoying some success in the process.

Check out The Video Game EP and have a great 4th weekend!


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  1. Jessica "Julez" Sapiro
    1891 days ago

    I met Dave and the rest of the Ninjas when they came to Virginia Beach a few weeks ago, and I wish them much happiness and success!

  2. Steve
    1890 days ago

    Shinobi Ninjas also released an iPhone App alongside the EP. It is absolutely amazing – you have to check it out. It’s like a throwback Ninja Turtles game – you play as a band member fighting your way through hipsters and homeless people to play a show. If you buy the free version you can unlock the paid version by “checking-in” at a show or you can buy the full version.

    The coolest part comes when you beat the game (it’s only like 4 levels long). You can enter your email and they shoot you a link to download the full EP. This is the most amazing use of an iPhone App by a band that I’ve seen so far (has anyone else seen cool ideas like this for bands?).

    Long story short – if you haven’t yet, check out their iPhone App…it’s incredible.

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